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At PTEAZER, we take pride in our products.

All PTEAZER™ parts are hand made in the USA.

We choose the finest materials to ensure consistent quality and lasting durability. Every part is hand fit to further ensure ease of installation for the professional.

PTEAZER™ - First Quality, First Choice

PTEAZER Side Skirt Euro Flare Package
Available for the stock PT Cruiser fascia's or PTEAZER Front Fascia's and Rear Rollpans. (Please specify when ordering) Package includes: 2 Side Skirts, 2 Front and 2 Rear Fender Flares. Fills in fender wells up to 1-1/2". This package will give your PT Cruiser a lowered effect and will make the vehicle appear wider, like our PTEAZER wide body, but at a much lower price.
Professional Installation Required.

Ships by truck only
  • Euro Kit Shipping: $155.00
  • An additional charge of $65.00 will be added for residential deliveries

When ordering, please choose Fender Flare & Side Skirt as your shipping method. We look forward to helping you transform your PT Cruiser into a real PTEAZER!!!

Euro Sports Package (Fender Flares & Side Skirts) for Stock Body PT Cruiser

Euro Sports Package (Fender Flares & Side Skirts) for Stock Body PT CruiserQuantity in Basket:none
Code: PZEF140SB

Fender Flares and Side Skirts that fill the excess wheel openings and give the PT a little more width which in turn helps it to appear lowered. The side skirts flow perfectly between the two flares, giving a smooth side profile reminiscent of the Prowler.