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At PTEAZER, we take pride in our products.

At PTEAZER™, we take pride in our products.
All PTEAZER™ parts are hand made in the USA using first quality fiberglass and urethane manufacturing processes.
We choose the finest materials to ensure consistent quality and lasting durability.
Every part is hand fit to further ensure ease of fit and mounts to the original factory attachments locations for easy installation.

PTEAZER™ - First Quality, First Choice
Professional Installation Recommended.

PTEAZER VW Beetle Power Hood

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The PTEAZER VW Beetle Power Hood™ will complete your VW Beetle look with ultimate flare.

The proprietary manufacturing process we use eliminates fiber print through and insures durable good looks not only on top, but on the underside as well with a fully finished liner.

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