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At PTEAZER, we take pride in our products.

If your looking to personalize the appearance of your PT Cruiser, you've come to the right place. The most dramatic looks can be obtained in about one hour, using our Bumperette Front Fascia and Retro Full Grille or one of our Polished Stainless Vertical Bar Grilles. That's right!!!, any one of our grilles work in our front fascias and can be easily switched at any time in about five minutes. Our parts interchange with all factory components and there is no additional hardware necessary. In addition, all PTeazer fronts are made from BASF brand urethane which is of the highest standard available and is used by most leading automotive manufactures today.

The PTEAZER Bumperette Front Fascia has been designed to utilize all factory mounting locations for simplicity and ease of installation. The installation does not involve any disconnecting of airbag sensors.

Our Grilles will give you approximately 20% increase in airflow. Great for any engine, especially the PT Turbo. With any forced induction (turbocharged, supercharged or nitrous) application, the cooler and denser you can make the air coming in will not only achieve better performance numbers but will help reduce under the hood heat. You can increase the life expectancy of your engine by reducing the under the hood temperatures. So whether you are using your PT for sporting around town, racing at the track or going on a long cruise, our grilles will help you see the full potential of your cars power.

We choose the finest materials to ensure consistent quality and lasting durability. Every part is hand fit to further ensure ease of fit and mounts to the original factory attachments locations for easy installation for the professional installer. Several hours of detailed work go into each grille. The grille is primered and sanded before it's shipped. The extra work we do eliminates several hours of prep work for the painter.


PTEAZER Bumperette with Full Grille

When ordering, please choose Freight by Truck
for TWO PARTS as your shipping method.

One Part: $155.00
Two Parts: $200.00
Three Parts: $240.00
An additional charge of $65.00 will be added for residential deliveries

All PTEAZER™ parts are hand made in the USA.

PTEAZER™ - First Quality, First Choice


PTEAZER Urethane Bumperette Front Fascia with Retro Full Grille
Give your PT a real retro look with the PTEAZER™ signature Urethane Bumperette Front Fascia
with Full Grille.

Urethane Rollpan VS ABS Plastic



• Tough

• Brittle

• Pliable

• Can Shatter on Impact

• Lifetime Warranty

• Limited Warranty

• Molded in One Piece

• Flanges/Mounting

• No Add’l Parts Needed

• Brackets Glued On

• Easy Installation

• Need to purchase lights and fittings

• Steel Reinforcement

• Need to cut original wiring harness

•OEM Quality

• No Reinforcement


• Never used on OEM Vehicles

High Quality Urethane
Interchangeable with all of our great PTEAZER Grille's
Requires prep & paint
All Grilles Incorporate a License Plate Mounting Bracket
Install time is approximately one hour after paint
Mounts to original factory bumper attachment locations for easy installation

Click Here for Retro Full Grille Front Fascia w/ Bumperettes Installation Instructions - (PDF Format)

When ordering, please choose Freight by Truck as your shipping method.

  • One Part: $145.00
  • Two Parts: $180.00
  • Three Parts: $220.00
  • An additional charge of $65.00 will be added for residential deliveries

We look forward to helping you transform your PT Cruiser into a real PTEAZER!!!

A reinforcement bar is included with every PTeazer fascia.

Steel Reinforcement for PTeazer Bumperette Front Fascia Retro Full-Grille
2 inch mild steel round tubing, bent and capped with high quality steel, and fully welded. This reinforcement bolts on to frame rails using original attachment points.
No charge for shipping when ordered with the "Bumperette" Full Grille Front Fascia.
When ordered alone, a UPS charge of 8 lbs. will be calculated to your order.

Urethane Bumperette Front Fascia with Retro Full Grille

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