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Paddle View Board
Shipping Weight: 40.00 pounds
Totally new glass bottom paddle board!
Beautifully designed
Easily transportable
Great fun
Good exercise
Easy to operate
The laid back way to explore marine life
Strong and durable

It offers an alternative for people who:
May have a nervous disposition in deeper water
Want to exercise in a more relaxed manner
Are not comfortable in the direct company of marine life
Are uncomfortable wearing snorkel or diving equipment
Are not interested or do not have the ability to take part in traditional water sport activities
Have used Pedalos’ and Kayaks’ for many years, but are keen to try something new and different

It allows:
People do not miss the fabulous views beneath the surface of the water
People of all fitness levels to use and enjoy it
A variety of people aged between 8 and 80 years old to take part
General enjoyment, including sun bathing!

Large underwater viewing window
7' 6" long
2' 6" wide
40 lbs weight
Made of Polyethylene
Eco-friendly and recyclable
Easy to assemble
Folds for transportation
Made to a high standard
Patented worldwide